How do I

This section contains useful information that will assist you with the Shareplan process. You will also find additional questions answered in the Shareplan 2023 FAQs. If you would like to talk to someone about Shareplan, or your question is not covered, please contact Equiniti.

How do I check my Units?

Visit The Capeasi site is hosted by AXA Epargne Entreprise and provides an up-to-date valuation (in Euros) of your AXA Shareplanunits. You can also view any movement in the value of your unitsand the maturity date of your units.

Log in at with the unique User ID and password with which you were provided when you originally subscribed. Accept the Terms and Conditions of the site and proceed into your

If you don’t have log on details for Capeasi, you can request this information by contacting Equiniti on the details provided in the section below.

How do I contact Equiniti?

By telephone: 0371 384 2155 (or +44 121 415 7139 if calling from outside the UK)

By Textel/Minicom: 0371 384 2255 (or +44 121 415 7028 if calling outside the UK)

By email:

By post: AXA Shareplan, ESP Executive Team, Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, BN99 6FN

To ensure security for customers and staff, and to help us maintain service quality, some telephone calls may be recorded or monitored. Lines are open 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.


How do I notify you of a change in my personal details?
Any change to your personal details should be confirmed to your payroll team and then confirmed in writing/by email to our Registrars Equiniti using the contact details provided above

How do I declare Shareplan dividends on my tax return?

Guidance on how to declare your Shareplan dividends on your Tax Return can be found in the linked document below:

This guidance is based on our current understanding of the tax treatment of the AXA Shareplan and only applies to individuals who, for UK tax purposes, are regarded as resident and domiciled in the UK. This will apply to most participants, but those needing more complex or specific advice, or to whom it does not apply, should seek guidance from their tax adviser.